Turtle Power & Microplastics

On this fine Memorial Day I decided to do a little more marine debris removal from the beach. While swimming or working at this particular beach on the north side of the island, sea turtles are a common sight mere feet from the water’s edge. They’re somewhat timid and won’t typically swim toward you. They can be seen coming to the surface for air and taking a quick peek at their surroundings. If there are any human occupants on the beach, they do their best to avoid you. However, that was not the case on this gorgeous afternoon._DSC0001

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Utilities, Logistics, & Waste

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered about how the 2.4 square mile island of Midway generates its electricity and where the water comes from. To help explain, I decided to take a long bike ride around the island and snap some photos for you. Apologies in advance for the dreary imagery: it has been rather drizzly and cool the last week.

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Marine Debris Cleanups

It’s been a couple weeks since the NOAA Marine Debris crew has left the island and the beaches are starting to show it. Yuki and I decided to start cleaning up the north end of the island near cargo pier. We started cleaning the east side of the pier on Saturday and cleaned the west side on Sunday (along with a short length of beach west of the fuel pier).

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Midway Is A Bird Colony

Recently the NOAA research vessel Hi’Ialakai stopped at Midway after visiting a handful of the other northwestern Hawaiian islands. They picked up the NOAA Marine Debris crew and also dropped off members of the monk seal recovery team to a few different islands for demographic/population studies. The monk seal team’s veterinary technician named Angie is also a Texas Longhorn! _DSC0003
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Ten Days on Midway

It’s been close to two weeks since I arrived at Midway. I spent one night in Honolulu waiting for my flight to the island via a private chartered Gulfstream jet. It was my first time on one of these executive flights and it was pretty luxurious, including faux-gold finishes everywhere and as much potato chips and soda as we could handle. On the flight was a team of about six NOAA Marine Debris people, a couple US Fish & Wildlife employees, a cook, and two other volunteers Yuki and Savannah.
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Three Days Before Departure

12472619_10153555462434677_6532069923570361757_nWell it’s three days until my six-month stint at Midway Atoll begins. This is just a sample of the gear I’m packing and doesn’t even include all the photography and video equipment!

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